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Hello peeps! How are you doing? A lot of people are struggling to make extra money during this tough period. Are you also looking to get extra money but without need to leave the house? What about making money online?

Having plenty of free time and wish to make more money? Then you are at the right place.

Today I am going to introduce another website for you that can generate money by filling in surveys. During this pandemic, everyone is trying to work extra just to cover up the previous 3 months of zero income.

Generate income without leaving your house?

How are we able to do that?! If you have read my previous post, I have mentioned how to earn extra money by filling out a survey.

Today I will introduce you to another website that works similar to Mobrog. Gloviss, is a market research company in Malaysia. They help companies to do market research for the products. Why Gloviss? Just because you can do it anytime anywhere!

Make Money Online with Gloviss

Gloviss will reward you with cash or gift vouchers. Once you fill up and submit the survey, you will get a reward in point form. When you have enough points, then you can cash it out!

It is totally free to sign up for an account!

Click sign up button below to register as a member of Gloviss.

Make money online
Click on Sign Up now! Start to earn money.

Become their respondents to review the product. All the available surveys will be uploaded to their website. So, you will just need to press Answer! As simple as that.

You can select any language you would like to use for answering the survey questions.

Then start filling up the questions.

Once complete, they will inform how much point earned for the survey.

In Gloviss, you can redeem RM10 cash with 300 points earned. You will earn different points for each survey you have completed. Moreover, when you sign up an account, you will get a welcome reward point too.

Once you sign up, you will get 200 points directly. But remember, you need to update your profile in order to get this reward. Just a simple step, fill in your name, address, gender etc.

Making money online is not hard, as long as you spend your free time filling up surveys, “Bit by bit, over time, it will accumulate into a mountain.”